Quote Structure: Each job is quoted on an individual basis.

Interior Design & Typesetting: A typical book includes typesetting, design of opening pages, chapter head design, several interior elements, and two to three rounds of proofs. Price begins at $6 per page for Simple Text Layouts plus an overall text design fee (usually $350). More complex designs (charts, graphs, photogrphaphs, excessive styling) will be billed on a per project basis.

Simple Text Layouts: Design of opening chapters, plus headers and footers and straight running text, few subheads (no photos).

Complex Text Layouts: All of the above plus multiple levels of subheads, extracts, poetry, pull quotes, footnotes, etc.

Illustrated Layouts: All of the above plus elements within the text (illustrations, pictures, charts, tables, color elements, etc.)

Color Illustrated Layouts: 4/color layout and elements (color illustrations and photographs, etc.)

Complex Spread Layouts: Design and /or layout varies from spread to spread (usually graphic intensive)

JACKET COVER DESIGN & PRODUCTION (front cover / back cover / spine)
STANDARD COVER — Title (designed with type) and /or single image layout . . . from $1250
COMPLEX COVER — More extensive design using type, graphics and multiple images from . . . $1550
DUSTJACKET— Includes all of the above plus flap design and case design. . . from $1750

Scanning: $60 per hour

Stock Photograph or stock illustration: $50 and up per image.

Your Preparation: Your manuscript should be supplied in a current Word file using Times Roman or other generic font. It is the client’s responsibility to proofread all copy and sign off on all changes (unless you want us to hire an editor/proof-reader for you). You will need to supply the printer’s name, contact person and telephone number to get printer’s specifications for presentation of materials as well as deadline for materials.

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